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2002-05-03-15 How to prepare multimedia lectures © Jeanty

How to prepare multimedia lectures

Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD

Nashville, TN

This is a PowerPoint lecture that i prepared and updated over the past 6 years on multimedia lectures. I would have liked to add the recording of the commentary but it is already so big this would have been difficult. The lecture is about 50 MB big and does not include any of the video clip or external links that are part of the lecture that i give (those would have added and extra 5-600 MB). so do not be surprised that some links do not work. At some point it refers to a Director demo. This is actually only a few short abstracts of the lecture on fetal echocardiography. So if you have it, you can simply skip this. You will also need a PowerPoint viewer if you do not have PowerPoint.

To download the lecture, simply click here (make sure you have a sturdy internet connection and enough space on your hard disk. It will take a LONG time to download so do not be surprised to see the hour-glass for a long time.

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