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Fetal Tumors

by - Irina Tihonenko, Philippe Jeanty

Product Price: $67
Description: This 4-hour lecture reviews tumors and masses in the fetus, covering the head, face, brain, neck, chest, limbs, abdomen, retroperitoneum, pelvis, cord and placenta, as well as mother to fetus and fetus to mother metastases. Cardiac tumors are covered in another DVD on Fetal Echocardiography: The Anomalies.

Several hundred images, drawings and animations are used to complement the English text.

The narration can be listened in any of the 11 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, Thai, and Mandarin Chinese). Depending on the country, not all languages may be included. The choice of language is accessible via the menu.

A 160 pages English illustrated transcript book can be printed from within the lecture.

System requirements: Windows XP or higher, 256 MB RAM, 1 GHz processor, video card with 1024 by 768 pixel (or better), DVD-ROM drive. Note that some older Eastern European version of Windows may not display the text properly. NOT Mac compatible.

How to start the Lecture: In most computers the lecture will start automatically when the disk is inserted. If this feature is disabled on your PC, locate the disk in your drive and double click the file Tumors.exe

The lecture is available either as a mailable DVD or as a download (0.7-1 GB depending on the language selected).

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DVD- $60 + $7 shipping
Download- $60
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