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2002-10-22-14 Case of the week #85 © Gourand

Case of the week # 85

December 12 - January 2

Véronique Mirlesse MD*, Ronaldo Levy MD*, Geneviève Brodaty MD*, Pascale Sonigo MD**, Dominique Teillac MD***, Luc Gourand, MD*, Fernand Daffos MD*

*  Service de médecine foetale, Institut de Puériculture et Périnatalogie, Paris.
** Service de radio-pédiatrie, Hopital Necker Enfants Malades, Paris.
*** Service de dermatologie, Hopital Necker Enfants Malades, Paris.

These are images obtained during a 28-week routine ultrasound examination. Fetal weight was over the 97th centile.

Fetal lower limbs. Compared width of thigh and homolateral leg.

Longitudinal view of both legs

A cross-setion of the fetal leg.

Longitudinal view of the same leg

Fetal MRI of the lower limb.

The rest of the fetal anatomical survey was unremarkable. The fetal karyotype was normal (46, XY).


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