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2002-10-28-14 Case of the week # 86 © Johns

Case of the week # 86

January 9 - 24, 2003

Robin Johns RDMS, Ana M. Bircher MD, RDMS, Philippe Jeanty MD, PhD, Fernando Heredia MD, V.G. Dev MD, PhD

Women"s Health Alliance, Nashville, Tennessee.


This is a 27 year-old patient with an otherwise unremarkable pregnancy.

The following images were obtained during an ultrasound examination performed at 20 weeks of gestation.

Fetal head

The whole fetus

Fetal thorax

Fetal abdomen at the level of the stomach

Fetal biometry

  • Biparietal diameter :                 42.9 mm 18w1d
  • Head perimeter:                        16.9 mm 19w3d
  • Abdominal perimeter:                125 mm 17w6d
  • Humerus:                                    30.3 mm 20w0d
  • Femur:                                           33 mm 20w3d

X-ray rendering of the fetal spine (coronal view)

Same rendering of sagittal view of the fetal spine

The following images show the fetal position.

In view of all these findings, an amniocentesis was performed. The FISH study (Fluorescent in-situ hybridization) returned normal.

New examinations were performed during the rest of pregnancy and no further anomalies than the ones shown were encountered.

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