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2002-10-28-15 Case of the week # 88 © Thomas

Case of the week # 88

February 7-20, 2003

D. Thomas°, J.P. Goolaerts*, L. Watkins°, C. Autin°, P. Barlow*

° Hôpitaux Iris Sud, Bruxelles Belgium * Hôpital Universitaire St Pierre Brussel Belgium

A 27-year-old G1P0 presented at 33 weeks 6 days of gestation. Chief complaint was absence of fetal movement for the last 24 hours. This pregnancy had been uneventful until then.

This is the non-stress test performed after admission.

An ultrasound examination showed the following images of the fetal abdomen, which was in the 95th centile for gestational age. All the other measurements in the fetal biometry were in normal ranges for gestational age. There is also a short video-clip available

The middle cerebral artery velocimetry (peak systolic velocity of 87 cm/sec) provided another diagnosis besides the one provided by the previous images.

 Can you give both diagnoses?





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