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2004-05-20-09 Case of the week # 121 © Sosa

Case of the week # 121

June 17-July 1, 2004

Miguel Octavio Sosa, MD

Barquisimeto- Venezuela

This is a G1P0 patient at 39 weeks, without prenatal care. Her history is unremarkable aside that she lives in the country, has not had any trauma, but had some fever that was not investigated by the time of the ultrasound examination:
The following images are ultrasound and CT of the fetus (and newborn)



Because of financial constraints serological tests could not be performed and thus the diagnosis is ONLY PRESUMPTIVE. What would be your suggestion ?

NOTE: I will be out of the office and will not be able to answer my emails. So please send only one email with your 3 answers.

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