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2005-11-28-10 Case of the week #160 © Elorza

Case of the week #160

February 03 - February 16

Carlos A Elorza, MD*, Maria Alejandra Giuricich, MD#, Carolina Zehnder Dendia, MD#

* Chief of Echography Department, # Staff member, Hospital Italiano Garibaldi, Virasoro 1249. Rosario, Santa Fe. CP S2000-ODA. Argentina

This is a scan of a 26-year-old woman, G3P2 performed at 33 weeks of gestation. There is no significant past medical or obstetric history.

These is a  view at 33 weeks, including a 4D volume

If you do not have 4DView or the special 4DFetusView, you can get those from Tools > Computer Pearls > 4DFetusView or simply by clicking: 4DFetusView




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