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2006-01-24 Case of the week #166 © Cuillier

Case of the week #166

April 28 - May 11, 2006

Cuillier, MD*, Alessandri JL**, Bideault J, MD***, Rabenja A, MD***

*   Department of Gynecology ** Department of Neonatology, Félix Guyon’Hospital, *** Department of Obstetrcis, Hospital Intercommunal de Sain Benoit, Réunion Island, France.

This is a 30-year-old woman  referred to our unit at 32 weeks, due to polyhydramnios and uterine contraction. The maternal abdomen was slight tense and the patient complained of significant discomfort, frequent contractions and difficulty sleeping. The previous scans at 13 and 22 weeks were normal. At 16 weeks, the woman performed the triple test with normal result (normal nuchal translucency either). There were no family history of genetics disorders malformation or relevant obstetrical past history.

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