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2006-12-04-10 Case of the week 186 © Cuillier

Case of the week #186

February 8February 22, 2007

Fabrice Cuillier, MD*; J. L.  Alessandri, MD**; Ramful Duk, MD**; J. M. Laville, MD***; D. Durandeu, MD****; J. P. Bourdil, MD*****; K. Comalli Dillon, BA, RDMS******.


Gynecologist, Hôpital Félix Guyon, 97400  Saint-Denis, Ile de la Réunion, France. Telephone: 0262 90 55 22; fax: 0262 90 77 30;


Neonatologist, Hôpital Félix Guyon, 97400 Saint-Denis, Ile de la Réunion, France;


Pediatric surgeon, Hôpital Felix Guyon, 97400 Saint-Denis, Ile de la Réunion, France;


143 Republic Avenue, Saint André, Ile de la Réunion, France;


Obstetrician, Quartier du Chaudron, Saint-Denis, Ile de la Réunion, France;


Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Editor, Translator, Novato, California.


Our patient is a 30-year-old G3P2. There is no known family or personal history of skeletal dysplasia. The patient has not been exposed to any teratogenic agents nor received any chemotherapy. However, being an island, Reunion Island has a large number of autosomal recessive disorders, due to gene concentration.

The initial prenatal clinical examination was normal.  At 13 weeks GA, the nuchal translucency was normal, as was the triple-marker screen. Other scans were performed at 19, 22, 23, and 26 weeks GA. Here are the pictures that we obtained:

Images 1A, 1B:


Images 2A, 2B:


Images 2C, 3: 


Images 4A, 4B: 


Images 4C, 4D:


Images 4E, 4F:


Image 5A, 5B: 


Images 5C, 5D:


Images 5E, 5F:


Images 6, 7A:


Images 7B, 7C:


Images 7D, 8:


Images 9A, 9B:


Image 10:


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