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2007-05-10-13 Case of the week #202 © Dalmon

Case of the week #202

September 20 - October 4, 2007

Cécile Dalmon*, MD, Geneviève Brodaty*, MD, Bettina Bessières**, MD, Véronique Mirlesse*, MD, Luc Gourand*, MD.

*   Ex-Service de Médecine Foetale, Fernand Daffos, MD, Institut de Puériculture, Paris
**  Service de foetopathologie, IPP Paris.


Here are some atypical findings related to a rare diagnosis. Because of the atypical presentation we decided to show you not only prenatal, but also postnatal images.

Image 1 and 2. 2D gray scale ultrasonography. Image 1 - 19th week of pregnancy. Image 2 - 22nd week of pregnancy.


Image 3 and 4. 2D gray scale ultrasonography. 21st week.


Image 5 and 6. 27th - 28th week of pregnancy.


Image 7 and 8. 27th - 28th week of pregnancy.


Image 9 and 10


Image 11 and 12.


Image 13.

Image 14 and 15.



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