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2008-05-24-03 Answer to the case of the week #221 © Cuillier

Answer to the case of the week #221

June 20-July 3, 2008

Fabrice Cuillier, MD*; J. Chouchani, MD**; A. Hamas, MD**.

*    Department of Gynecology, Felix Martin’Hospital, 97460 Saint-Paul, Ile de la Réunion, France;
**   Department of Gynecology, Félix Guyon’Hospital, 97400 Saint-Denis, Ile de la Réunion, France.


Case report

This was a nonconsanguineous dichorionic twin pregnancy of a woman (G1P0), who presented to our unit at 33 weeks of pregnancy. Her ultrasound examinations performed at 13 and 23 weeks were normal. Triple test was not done. The patient was referred to our unit due to intrauterine growth restriction of one of the fetuses at 33 weeks of pregnancy. Serological tests (Toxoplasmosis, Rubeola, CMV, Herpes, Chikungunya) were negative. The restricted fetus showed following findings. 

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