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2008-11-02-10 Case of the week #233 © Calvo

Case of the week #233

December 5 - 18, 2008

Antonio Calvo, MD; Guillermo Azumendi, MD; Jose Ramon Herrero, MD; Marisa Borenstein, MD.

Gutenberg Clinic, Ultrasound Unit, Malaga, Spain.

Case report

A 30-year-old woman (G2P1), with non-contributive history, presented to our unit at 32 weeks of her pregnancy. Following observations could be seen during our 45 minutes long examination. First trimester screening for Down syndrome was negative (1/4500). Fetal growth was normal and so was the amniotic fluid volume. Four days later the patient requested an amniocentesis due to her anxiety of Down syndrome, but the karyotype was normal (46,XY).

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