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2009-02-01-12 Case of the week #241 © Manohar

Case of the week #241

April 9 - April 23, 2009

S. Manohar, DMRD, MD.



Case report

The following images show an interesting case diagnosed in our department.

Images 1, 2: Fetal face (image 1) and a detailed view on the fetal eye (image 2).


Images 3, 4: Image 3 - sagittal scan of the fetal head (left part of the image) and coronal scan of the fetal mouth (lips) - umbilical cord near the mouth is also visible (right part of the image). Image 4 shows coronal scan at the level of the fetal lips.


Images 5, 6, 7: Images show fetal feet (image 5) and hands (images 6, 7).


Images 8, 9, 10: A few scans of the fetal body.


Images 11, 12, 13: 3D images of the fetal face.



When you have tried to solve the case on your own (no team work here please !) you can find the Answer here.

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