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2010-2-18 Case the week #262 © Gourand

Case of the week #262

February, 18, 2010 - March 4, 2010

Catherine Garel, MD*, Antoinette Bernabe Gelot, MD, PhD**, Marie-Laure  Moutard, MD***,  Romulus Grigorescu, MD****, Luc Gourand,MD*****.

*      Radiology Department, Hopital A.Trousseau AP-HP
**     Neuropathology Departement, Hopital A.Trousseau AP-HP 
***    Neuropediatrics Department, Hopital A.Trousseau AP-HP
****   Foetopathology Department, Hopital A.Trousseau AP-HP
*****  Maternité Les Bluets, Paris


Case report


The following images represent a rare brain anomaly which was diagnosed at 23 weeks of gestation.

A consanguineous 32-year old woman  (G2P1, one healthy boy from the previous pregnancy), with non-contributive history (no diabetes, no teratogenic exposure) was referred  to our unit at 23 weeks for a second opinion ultrasound examination regarding the cerebral structures of the fetus. No other anomaly (in the face or extremities) was found. Karyotype of the fetus was normal: 46 XY.

Ultrasound examination revealed the following findings:


Images 1-4: Ultrasound images at 23 weeks.






Images 5,6: Images show a Doppler imaging at 23 weeks.  




Images 7-10: MRI at 23 weeks.





Images 11,12: Images 11,12 show the neuropathology specimen.





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