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2010-12-18-16 Case of the week #264 © Aleong

Case of the week #264

March 18, 2010 - April 2, 2010

Tibisay Guerrero Chin Aleong, MD., Montserrat Alegre, MD., María Victoria Huerta Anaya, MD.

Hospital de Figueres, Fundacio Salut Emporda, Figueres, Girona, Spain


The following images represent an interesting case of congenital condition with unfavorable prognosis for the fetus.

Case report


A 33-year-old patient G0P0 was referred to our unit for the ultrasound examination at 20 weeks of otherwise uncomplicated pregnancy. The patient underwent bariatric surgery for her morbid obesity 5 years ago and has suffered from chronic anemia since than. Her family history was negative. Her blood group was 0 Rhesus negative and her indirect Coombs test was negative. 


During the ultrasound examination at 20 weeks we revealed the findings covered on the following images. The findings progressed on the subsequent ultrasound which was done within 2 weeks. The invasive procedure confirmed our diagnosis. The couple opted for the pregnancy termination due to an adverse prognosis for the fetus.


Images 1,2,3: 20 weeks, axial view of the fetal brain.





Images 4-7: 22 weeks, axial view of the fetal brain.






Images 8-12: 22 weeks. 








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