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2010-01-22-16 Case of the week #268 © Manohar

Case of the week #268


May 20, 2010 - June 3, 2010


S. Manohar, MD, DMRD, M. Mohan Karthikeyan, MD, DMRD. 

Madurai, India.


The following images present a relatively rare diagnosis which was found during the first ultrasound examination at 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Images 1-10: 35 weeks of gestation. 


Images 3,4: Images show a massive ascites, urinary bladder with a visible discontinuation at the fundal region, indicated by arrow.


Images 5,6: Image 5 shows fetal scrotum with mild hydrocele. Image 6 shows a ascites and bladder ruptured at the fundal region, note arrow.


Images 7,8: Images show a ruptured bladder with a fluid leakage demonstrated by color Doppler.


Images 9,10: Image 9 shows a fetal bladder. Image 10 shows both umbilical arteries running along the bladder.



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