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2010-06-10-10 Case of the week #279 © Gandhi

Case of the week #279

October 21, 2010 - November 4, 2010.

Ajit Gandhi, MD.*, Anish Dekhane, MD.**

*  Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit, Unique Hospital, Main Road, Solapur, MH, India.
** Department of pathology, Unique Hospital, Main Road, Solapur, MH, India.

Case report

A G1 P0 of unknown age was referred to our maternal fetal medicine unit. Patient came from a Indian family, Laman community with a high incidence of consanguineous marriage and low socioeconomic status.
She did not know her last menstrual period. Her biometry corresponded with 26-27 weeks of gestation. During our ultrasound examination, we detected the following findings:

Images 1 - 8: Approximately 26-27 weeks of gestation. 




Videos 1 - 5: 26-27 weeks of gestation.


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