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 2012-03-07-11 Case of the week #321 ©Luc De Catte   

Case of the week # 321

June, 21st  -  July, 5th  , 2012

J. Van Keirsbilck, MD., Ph. Moerman, MD. PhD, K. Devriendt, MD.PhD, L. De Catte, MD. PhD
University Hospitals, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Case report:
A 36-year-old G2P1 patient was referred to our department for an ultrasound scan at 27 weeks. Her previous pregnancy ended in an extreme preterm delivery at 24 weeks, but the baby died in the early neonatal period. Additional investigation did not reveal substantial information on the cause of this extreme preterm birth. Her personal and family medical history was unremarkable. 

Here are some images and video clip that we have:
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3D images:

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