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 2015-09-22  Case of the week # 407 - Philippe Jeanty  © Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD
Case of the week # 407
November 5, 2015 - November 19, 2015 

Philippe Jeanty
 MD, PhD1,  Badano Federico MD2
1. Inner Vision Womens Ultrasound, Nashville, TN, US.
2. FB - Diagnóstico por Imágenes, Entre Ríos, Argentina.

Case Report

This is a woman who came to our institution at 18 weeks 1 day gestation for the first time. Her clinical history was normal, with normal multiple previous pregnancies. Cell free DNA analysis in the first trimester was normal and revealed a male fetus.
She doesn´t received any medication during the whole pregnancy.

Ultrasounds performed at our institution at different times of gestation, showed the following findings:

18 weeks 1 day

Image 1, 2


30 weeks 4 days

Image 3

35 weeks 1 day

Image 4

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