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2015-11-27  Case of the week # 410  © Jesús Zurita Peralta

Case of the week # 410

December 17, 2016 - January 7, 2016

Jesús Zurita Peralta
1, MD , Paulo Zielinsky1, MD, PhD, Alberto Sosa Olavarria2, MD, Phd, Pablo Marantz3, MD.

1. Fetal Cardiology Unit, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
2. CEUSP, Valencia, Venezuela.
3. Fundación Hospitalaria Materno-Infatil de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Case report

A 18 year-old women G1-P0 with unremarkable history, was sent to 
our institution at 27 weeks of gestations.  Our ultrasonographic examination revealed following findings. No other anomalies were detected.

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