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2015-12-03  Case of the week # 413  © Thuy van Nguyen

Case of the week # 413
February 4, 2016 - February 18, 2016.

Thuy van Nguyen
1, MD, TU Nhu Tran2, MD, PhD.

1. Fetal Ultrasound Division, Family Hospital, Da Nang Viet Nam.
2. Head of Diagnostic Imaging, MRI of Da Nang ObGyn and Pediatric Hospital, Viet Nam.

Case report

A 31-year-old multiparous woman was referred to our hospital at 23 weeks 4 days of gestation with the suspicion of teratoma of the fetal brain. 
Her first ultrasound examination at 12 weeks of gestation was reported as normal.
Our ultrasound examination revealed the following findings.

Image 1-6.


Image 7, 8.


Videos 1-4.

Images 9-14, videos 5, 6.


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