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2016-02-10  Case of the week # 420  © Emmanuel Julien

Case of the week # 420
May 12, 2016 - May 26, 2016.

Emmanuel Julien, MD.
- Centre hospitalier Le Mans, France.

Case report

A 28-year old woman (G3P2) was referred at 34 weeks of pregnancy to evaluate polyhydramnios.
Her personal anamnesis was unremarkable but the father was affected by a syndromic condition since he was 10-year old. 
The mother has two children; a healthy girl and a boy with the same condition as his father. The current fetus is a girl.

In our examination we obtained the following images:

Image 1-4.


Images 5-8.


Images 9 and 10.

Image 11.

Image 12, 13.

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