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2018-04-17  Case of the week # 470  © Fabrice Cuillier

Case of the week # 470
May 10, 2018 - May 24, 2018

Fabrice Cuillier ,MD.1, Balu M.,MD.2, Doray B.,MD.3, Alessandri J.L.,MD.4 

1 Service de Gynécologie, Hôpital Félix Guyon, 97400 Saint-Denis, La Réunion. France. 

2 Service de Radiologie, Hôpital , 97400 Saint-Denis, La Réunion. France. 

3  Service de Génétique, Hôpital Félix Guyon, 97400 Saint-Denis, La Réunion. France. 

4 Service de Néonatologie, Hôpital Félix Guyon, 97400 Saint-Denis La Réunion. France. 

Case report

A 23-year-old healthy woman (G1P0) was referred to our antenatal unit at 22 weeks of pregnancy for routine sonographic examination. Their family and medical history were unremarkable. The parents were not consanguineous. 


First trimester screening was normal.

We saw the patient several times at different gestational ages. We obtained the following images (head biometry was always normal):

Images 1 and 2.


Images 3 and 4.


Images 5 and 6.


Images 7-12.


Images 13 and 20.


Images 21 and 22.


Images 23-26. 


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