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Case of the week # 525
October 8st, 2020 - October 29th, 2020

Dr Hilmi- Le Roux M.1Dr Harvet XA1,  Dr Legeas O.2, Dr Dorsi Di Meglio M.3

1.Department of Obstetrics, 2.Department of Radiology, 3.Department of Pediatrics, Gaston Bourret Hospital, New Caledonia, French Territory

A 40 year-old patient was admitted for preterm labor at 32WG. 
Gravida 2 Parity 1, no previous medical history. First trimester and second trimester US examinations did not show any anomaly. First trimester screening for Down syndrome was normal. Screening for maternal diabetes: negative. 
On admission the length of cervix was 18 mm. 
US examination at 32W showed a male fetus with polyhydramnios (Amniotic FIuid Index 31), as well as other anomalies.





We also performed an MRI. 


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