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1999-09-17-05 Case of the week #9 © de Catte

Case #9

September 17- October 1, 1999

Submitted by Luc de Catte, Brussels, Belgium

This is a 16-week fetus referred because of an abnormal maternal serum aFP. Several anomalies are visible and the purpose of this cases is to put them together.

One of the difficulty of ultrasound is to identify what is the significant anomaly. Therefore in this case we did not provide an image but just a video clip (only 850 Kb) so that the exercise will be not only to diagnose the anomaly but also to identify it.

Actually the very final diagnosis requires pathology information that we are not providing yet. So we will accept not only the final diagnosis but also a differential diagnosis that would not be possible to exclude simply on ultrasound criteria.

Remember how previous cases have been resolved. No magic tricks ! When confronted with a very difficult case the easiest mechanism is to isolate the most unusual finding, give it a name and then search on that name.

Note if you have problems viewing the video, download the latest Windows Media player.

Question: What is the name of this condition ? 

When you have tried to solve the case on your own (no team work here please !) you can find the Answer here.

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