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2000-02-04-05 Case of the week #18 © Mulligan

Case #18

February 4-18, 2000

Submitted by Gerald Mulligan, MD, Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA

These are several images from a 27 week and 29 week 1/2 examination. The mother is a 32 y/o G5 P4 woman with three normal children and one prior affected child. She was not felt to have the syndrome herself, but had not completely been evaluated. This fetus was sent to us for a question of subcutaneous edema on an outside study.

Axial image over the chest. 

Heart image showing the pulmonary artery. 

Heart image with the ascending aorta.

Heart image 

Axial image at the left eye. 

Axial image at the right eye.

Midline sagittal image at the genitalia of this little boys.

Transverse image at the genitalia.


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