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2000-08-18-05 Case of the week #32 © Machado

Case #32

August 18-September1, 2000

Submitted by Luiz Eduardo.Machado, MD,  L. Chamusca, MD K. Chagas, MD, C. Cadete, MD and AF.Santos, MD

Centro de Treinamento em Diagnóstico por Imagem, Salvador – Bahia – Brasil

This 32 year-old G2P0 patient recently delivered a newborn that died elsewhere with multiple malformations. Typical images of the examination of the current pregnancy are shown below. During the examination the fetus did not move much and the flexion of the elbows remained constant. When the mother saw the 3D images (obtained with an Aloka SSD1700 Dynaview II), she said: “This baby is the same as my first baby !”.


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