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2000-09-29-05 Case of the week #35 © Gourand

Case #35

September 29-October 13, 2000

Submitted by L. Gourand MD, V. Mirlesse MD, , B. Bessieres MD, F. Jacquemard MD, R. Levy MD, F. Daffos MD, 

Service de Medecine Foetale, Institut de Puericulture, 26 Boulevard Brune 75014 Paris, France 

This second trimester fetus was referred for a cystic pelvic mass. The following images were obtained:

It was subsequently decided to punction the mass. These are the images that were obtained after the punction. A subtle finding is now visible that was not appreciated before the punction. That finding led to propose a new diagnosis. Laboratory results obtained on the fluid supported the new diagnosis.


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