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2000-11-10-05 Case of the week #38 © Heredia

Case #38

November 10-24, 2000

Submitted by Fernando M. Heredia, MD1, Víctor G. Quiroz, MD2, Eliana C. Selman, MD3, Carlos B. Henríquez, MD1, Philipe L. Massoc, M.D1, Gregorio M. Evans, MD1.

Hospital Regional de Concepción “Guillermo Grant Benavente”, Concepción, Chile. (1: Obstetrics and Gynecology fellow; 2: Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; 3: Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics)

A 18-year-old, G1P0, with an untreated hyperthyroidism and a history of poorly controlled rheumatic arthritis, was referred to our center at the 32nd week of gestation (with no prior ultrasound examinations), for a uterine height over the 95th percentile.

The mouth and ear


The brain




The hands and feet


The abdomen and abdominal wall 



The cervical region (did not change during the examination)

Newborn head scan, pretty much like a transvaginal exam... :) 



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