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2000-12-07-22 Case of the week #40 © Patil

Case #40

December 07, 2000-January 05, 2001

Submitted by Anupama Patil, MD and Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD

Bangalore, India, and Nashville, TN

This case illustrates a very common problem in ultrasound. Finding an unusual finding tends to paralyze our search for more findings. This 20-week fetus was referred for an anomaly on the right of the face. The following sets of images display the right face, and after the left face. There are also 3 video-clips: the right-side of the face (1 MB), a second (different) clip of the right-side of the face (400kb), and the left-side (700kb). I drew some little puppets for orientation, but the video-clips are easier to review.

Right side of the face




The frontal view of the face


Left side of the face






That last image is actually a 3D reconstruction. It was originally a regular video-clip obtained a few years ago. The clip was imported in a program called Sonocubic and 3D reconstructed. Pretty neat since this was no special transducer, and the acquisition had not even been performed in view of obtaining a 3D volume.


  1. What it the finding on the right-side ?
  2. What is the finding on the left-side ?
  3. There is an extra-finding, difficult to identify (and that i missed !).
  4. What syndrome do the last 2 findings suggest ?
When you have tried to solve the case on your own (no team work here please !) you can find the Answer here.

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