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2001-01-05-10 Case of the week #41 © Muñoz Rojas

Case #41

January 05-19, 2001

Submitted by Maria Verônica Muñoz Rojas, MD, Luís Flávio Gonçalves, MD, Rodrigo Dias Nunes, MD, Jorge Abi Saab Neto, MD

Clínica Materno-Fetal, and Maternidade Carmela Dutra, Florianópolis, Brazil

A 18-year-old, G1P0 patient with a HIV positive virus carrier, drug addicted father presented at 37 weeks 3 days.

The following are 2 views of the brain... 


The chest...

The hand...

The baby was very quiet during the examination. An amniocentesis (46, XY) and serum screening for congenital infectious diseases were all normal.



What is the syndrome that is represented by the findings ?

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