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2001-03-01-10 Case of the week #45 © Sleurs

Case #45

March 1-16,  2001

Submitted by Elke Sleurs, MD*&, Luc De Catte, MD*

*Vrije Universiteit Brussel  and &Women’s Health Alliance, Nashville TN Th

A 38-year old primigravida was referred to the ultrasound department at 22 weeks of gestational age because of “abnormal lower limbs”. Her past medical history was unremarkable. She underwent twice a diagnostic laparascopy. The pregnancy was conceived after in vitro fertilization. Karyotyping for advanced maternal age was performed by amniocentesis and demonstrated a normal male karyotype (46 XY with G-banding).

The first set of images:




The second set of images represent view of the left leg. 


The face:



There is also a  2 MB videoclip.

What is the syndrome that is represented by the findings ?

When you have tried to solve the case on your own (no team work here please !) you can find the Answer here.

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