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2001-07-20-12 Case of the week #55 © Izquierdo

Case #55

July 20-August 2,  2001

Luis A. Izquierdo, MD, RDMS; Victor H. Gonzalez-Quintero, MD; Mahsomeh Haghayegh, RDMS

Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine, University of Miami School of Medicine, PO BOX 016960 (R136), Miami, FL 33101

This 33-year-old gravida 4, para 3, was referred to our service for fetal tension hydrothorax. The gestational age was consistent with 33 weeks. An amniocentesis was performed for chromosome analysis revealing a normal male karyotype (46, XY). Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR’s) studies were negative for Cytomegalovirus and Parvovirus.

This is a transverse view of the chest: 

A sagittal view without... 

and with color Doppler

What is (are) the finding(s) and diagnosis ?

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