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2002-08-23-12 Case of the week #78 © Ochua

Case of the week # 78

August 22-September 12, 2002

Guillermina M. Ochua, MD, Ricardo De Loredo , MD, Roque A. Carpio , MD, Javier B. Gardey, MD, Silvina Fernàndez, MD

Hospital Privado del Sur, Servicio de Ecografìa, Las Heras 164, Bahìa Blanca, Còdigo postal: 8000 Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is a 36-year-old patient who had her first ultrasound at 36 weeks.  The examination demonstrated a singleton fetus with normal cardiac activity and fetal movement. The fetal biometry corresponded to the 50th percentile for growth (Hadlock). The placenta was anterior. The amniotic fluid was normal.

Prenatal images. At the superior level of the abdomen, the desplacement of the umbilical vein by a mixed mass. The right superrenal is normal while the left superrenal and the fetal stomach are not seen.

What is (are) the finding(s), and the name of the condition ?



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