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2003-03-18-10 Solitary kidney with hydronephrosis and cystic dysplasia © Sosa

Solitary kidney with hydronephrosis and cystic dysplasia

Alberto Sosa Olavarría, MD,. Pérez-Canto, L. Díaz Guerrero.

Perinatology Unit, Carabobo University, Valencia – Venezuela

This is a second trimester fetus (22 weeks) with oligohydramnios, dolichocephaly, nuchal fold, cardiomegaly with hypertrophic myocardiopathy, intraabdominal cyst in the hypogastrium, absent bladder and renales arteries, single umbilical artery. 

The pathological study revealed: Potter Facies, hypertrophic myocardiopathy, hypertrophy of adrenals, ectopic solitary kidney with a single ureter and obstructives microcystic dysplasia. Bladder hypoplasia.






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