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2000-07-27-15 Hemivertebra © Jeanty

Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD; Gloria Valero, MD

A hemivertebra is a congenital malformation of the spine in which only half of a vertebral body develops (see also Hemivertebra). In green below, the normal ossification center, and in red the missing ossification center.


Note the large ossification center at the apex of the spinal curvature. It is due to the fusion of a normal vertebra and a hemivertebra.

The scoliosis is barely visible in the baby, now 2 years old.

The X-ray demonstrates the abnormal vertebra (arrow). Note also a second hemivertebra in the upper thoracic region. This one was not detected prenatally.

A magnified view of the abnormal vertebra. Note the two pedicles on the left side.

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