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2003-07-14-09 Amniotic band syndrome © Swartz

Amniotic band syndrome 

Anthony Swartz RT, RDMS

University of North Carolina

The patient was referred to our unit for evaluation of possible cystic hygroma seen on outside examination.  Scan in our unit reveals a 20+ week gestation with coexisting amniotic band syndrome.  All abnormalities were cranial, including encephalocele and clefts of the lip, palate, and forehead. The patient elected to continue the pregnancy.

Figures 1 and 2 display the bands.

Figure 3 displays the midline cleft

Figure 4 demonstrates the cleft lip and palate.

Figure 5 presents the coronal view of the head with crown encephalocele.

Figure 6 demonstrates the cleft that extends from the upper lip through the forehead.

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