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2003-10-27-12 Mosaic 46xx/ Partial monosomy 15q26 © Quintero

Mosaic 46xx/ Partial monosomy 15q26

 Juan Carlos Quintero Mejia, MD

Centro Médico Imbanaco. Unidad de Diagnóstico Prenatal, Calli Colombia

This is a 23-year-old primigravida with an unremarkable history, scanned for a routine exam at 26 weeks.
The findings included: facial dysmorphism, with absent nasal bone.


Rockerbottom feet,

Diaphragmatic hernia with extreme dextroposition.

And a severe growth restriction with two-vessel cord.

We performed a cordocentesis and the final diagnosis was a Mosaic 46xx/ Partial monosomy 15q26.

She delivered a stillbirth fetus at 32 weeks.

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