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2004-01-12-14 Differential diagnoses of cystic brain masses © Gourand

Differential diagnoses of cystic brain masses

Luc Gourand MD

Service de Medecine Foetale, Institut de Puericulture, 26 Boulevard Brune 75014 Paris, France 

These are images of cystic brain masses from other articles already published on They can be used for visual differential diagnoses:

interhemispheric cyst

 interhemispheric cyst

arachnoid cyst

septo-optic dysplasia

 craniopharyngioma pericallosal lipoma

Joubert syndrome

vein of Galen, aneurysm
pericallosal lipoma  corpus callosum agenesis  corpus callosum agenesis  parietal encephalocele
arachnoid cyst  Joubert syndrome  spina bifida  parietal encephalocele
 pericallosal artery  cavum vergae  alobar holoprosencephaly  schizencephaly
 arachnoid cyst  arachnoid cyst  arachnoid cyst subdural hematoma
supratentorial arachnoid  striatal necrosis  ventriculomegaly, borderline   schizencephaly unilateral
 cephalocele anterior colpocephaly

septo-optic dysplasia

vein of Galen aneurysm vein of Galen aneurysm  vein of Galen aneurysm  spina bifida

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