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2002-01-08-12 Meningomyelocele, thoracic © Patil
Meningomyelocele, thoracic

Anupama Patil, MD

Bangalore, India  

This primigravida with unremarkable history. The fetus is at 22 weeks and has a extensive thoracic spina bifida centered on thoracic vertebra T8.


These are the axial sections with ultrasound.



Longitudinal sections.



The skull with moderate hydrocephalus, a "banana sign" and a "lemon sign"


The X-rays demonstrate an upper thoracic spine defect without posterior ossification centers. The posterior lamina are splayed by a 52 x 35 mm meningomyelocele. Minimal scoliosis is seen at the point of the defect. Hemi-vertebra at T8


The newborn.

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