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2004-05-10-10 Townes-Brocks syndrome © Reuss

Townes-Brocks syndrome

Annette Reuss, MD, PhD

Praxis Central, Willy-Brandt-Platz 4, 45127 Essen Germany
Obstetric Department, University Medical Center Nijmegen, PO box 9100 6500HB Nijmegen, The Netherlands

This is a routine examination of a female fetus in the 21st week of pregnancy: normal biometry and 2 skintags. One preauricular and one next to the mouth on the chin.
Outcome: female infant at term with 3 skintags (it never revealed its right side prenatally so the preauricular tag on the other side was only seen postnatally)  with Townes-Brocks syndrome.

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