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2004-07-29-16 Spina bifida, video-clip © Jeanty


Spina bifida, video-clip


Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD, Chaitali Shah, MD, Cerine Jeanty

Tennessee Women"s Care, Nashville TN

Case 1: This fetus with an open lumbar spina bifida shows an Arnold Chiari malformation.                                    
The cerebellum is displaced posteriorly consistent with the "banana sign" 
The frontal bones are scalloped consistent with the "lemon sign"          
The lateral ventricles are mildly dilated measuring 12mm.                 
An open neural tube defect is seen from L1 to the sacrum. No meningocele is seen.  

Lemon sign

Mild ventriculomegaly and banana sign

This is a video clip demonstrating the abnormality.

Case 2: This is the video clip and ultrasound images of another fetus showing spina bifida.




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