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2004-08-08-11 Limb-body-wall complex © Serrano

Limb-body-wall complex 

Meyer Serrano R, MD


A 29-year-old patient, with no remarkable antecedents and no history of drug abuse, presented at 30 weeks of gestation for a routine examination. The following ultrasound images are characteristic of body-stalk anomaly and limb reduction anomalies. The fetus also has tricuspid atresia.



Single ventricle:                                            Tricuspid atresia:

Left ventricular outflow tract; impossible to identify the right ventricular outflow tract :



Right clubfoot:                                                                  Left foot:


Limbs 3-D :

Left arm amelia:

Short umbilical cord:

Photograph of the newborn:

Specimen demonstrating that the left ventricle is larger than the right ventricle.

Radiograph of the fetus:

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