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2004-09-20-15 Molar pregnancy with normal fetus © Manohar

Molar pregnancy with normal fetus

S.Manohar, MD, DMRD

Madurai, India.

This is the second ultrasound examination of a G2 P1, referred to us with an earlier ultrasound diagnosis of partial mole.
A twin gestation with separate placenta and one normal fetus of 12 to13 weeks gestational age is noted. The second gestation shows complete molar changes at the inferior pole. A membrane separating the two sacs is also noted.

Both ovaries demonstrate the presence of theca leutin cysts. 

The patient underwent an elective termination to evacuate the molar gestation alone and trying to conserve the live fetus. However, despite an ultrasound guided evacuation, the normal fetus developed bradycardia at the end of the procedure and eventually also had to be evacuated. 

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