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2004-09-20-14 Trisomy 18 © Manohar
Trisomy 18

S. Manohar, MD, DMRD

Madurai, India

This is a woman who was first scanned at 22 weeks at which time bilateral choroid plexus cysts were observed. She was subsequently scanned at 27 weeks of gestation and mild regression of the choroid plexus cysts were noted. The fetus showed the following features:    

Flattened occiput with abnormal shape of the skull (strawberry shape) and  mild polyhydramnios.


Persistent flexion at wrists and overlapping fingers.

A diagnosis of trisomy 18 was made. The pregnancy was terminated, however karyotyping was not performed. The postnatal appearance of the abortus was consistent with the antenatal ultrasound appearance.

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