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2005-05-01-10 GE 4DFetusView © Jeanty

GE 4DFetusView

Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD

Tennessee Women"s Care, Nashville, TN

The 4DTheFetusView   (44 MB watchout if you have a slow line) is a program to  review Voluson created 3D and 4D volumes posted on This file is not copyprotected so if you have trouble downloading it, you can ask a friend with a faster connection and transfer it to your PC. 

4DTheFetusView is the same program as 4DView but with a few differences:

  • It does not require a dongle (or key)
  • It does not expire
  • It is free

But it has the following limitations:

  • It can only open volumes posted by
  • It includes a copyright notice on the images (please respect it)
  • And it cannot be used to save images or clips

In essence, it allows to manipulate the volumes and study them but not to “take stuff out of them”.

I would like to express my deep appreciation to Petra Hobelsberger and Christian Grabner from GE for making this possible.

If you already own a copy of 4Dview, you DO NOT NEED to download the 4DTheFetusView. 4Dview will open the volumes.

The user manual (15 MB) is posted here.

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