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2015-09-19 community in Google+  © Philippe Jeanty, Frantisek Grochal, Federico Badano

Philippe Jeanty, Frantisek Grochal, Federico Badano
 We are also trying to make more bidirectional by opening a Google + community. For a long time I have wanted to allow more interactions between users but did not really found out how to do this. Building this inside was not easy, so the reason for the community

This will be a place where you can share with your peers images, cute renderings, pearls, tough cases, ask questions etc. 

To join you have to have:
1) posted a case in the web site or 
2) solved a Case of the Week and have had your name posted in the Winner's List (any years)
3) rare exceptions will be made for "outsiders" (for instance geneticists, dysmorphologists etc) who have interesting material to share. 

Send me an email and I will include you!

I will try to moderate and I do not want any discussion not directly related to prenatal diagnosis or management. Abusers will simply be disconnected.
Please have a picture representing you as your "avatar", "icon" or "image", not the default "boy or girl" drawing, or a cute cat or your kid at the beach.

 Hope you enjoy the new feature!




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