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2005-11-15-16 Vasa previa © Cuillier

Vasa previa with bipartita placenta  

Cuillier F, MD*,Carasset G, MD#, Lemaire P$, Deshayes M$, Rivière JP, MD*

*Hôpital Félix Guyon, #Saint Clotild clinic, $Moufia street, SAINT DENIS, Reunion Island, France

This patient was sent to our unit for metrorrhagia. This was her second pregnancy. We performed a sonography at 36 weeks and we found an anterior placenta. There was another lobe (posterior localization) and between these two, a vasa previa. A velamentous insertion of the cord was inserted behind the cervix (Figure 1). We performed a 3D sonography (Figure 2, 3, 4, 5). A low transverse cesarean section was performed through the anterior placenta. We discovered another lobe and a velamentous cord insertion (Figure 6.7). The baby was safe  with no fetal hemorrhage.

Figure 1: 2D view (sagittal view) showing the vasa previa

Figures 2 and 3 : 3D view (sagittal view) showing the vasa previa:

Figures 4 : 3D view (sagittal view) showing the vasa previa

Figure 5 : 3D view (coronal view) showing the vasa previa

Figure 6: View of two parts of placenta and between them the cord.

Figure 7: Vasa previa and the cord with velamentous insertion.


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