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2001-05-30-18 Amniotic band syndrome in a twin© Sanchez

Amniotic band syndrome in a twin

Nilda Sanchez, MD, M. Freire, MD, Alejandro d´Huicque, MD

Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is a patient with no particular personal or familial history. She presents at 21 week with a twin pregnancy (diamniotic dichorionic). The left-sided fetus is normal.

The right-sided fetus has amniotic band syndrome with disruption of the abdominal wall and a meningocele.

The first examination around 16 weeks demonstrates the membrane between the twins and cystic structures at the level of the abnormal twin"s abdomen.

The second examination. The amniotic bands are constricting the abdomen with extrusion of the liver, and some free floating loops of bowel.

The newborn: note the meningomyelocele at the lumbar region and the anterior abdominal wall disruption suggestive of limb-body wall complex (but without the limb distortions).


The other twin survived birth normally.

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