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2006-04-05-14 Abdominal pregnancy © Sanchez

Abdominal pregnancy

Marcos Velasco Sanchez, MD, Romel Flores Virgilio, MD 

Instituto de Diagnostico por Imagen, Hospital General de Acapulco, Mexico

This is a 23-year-old-woman that presented in our unit with abdominal pain at 13 weeks of gestation. An ectopic pregnancy located on the right iliac fossa was diagnosed. Exploratory laparotomy was indicated but the patient refused and opted for the continuation of the pregnancy. The pregnancy was interrupted at 37 weeks. There was an anhydramnion. The baby was delivered healthy and weighting 1650g.  The placenta was located on the right side of the abdomen, adherent to the outer border of the mesentery. There was an uterine artery feeding the placenta. The mother and the baby were discharge without any complications.

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